Feeling Like You Can’t Live Your Dream Life?

At Self Growth Experts, we help you create a life-changing business that provides unrivalled freedom.

Prepare for CHANGE!

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You were told to go to university, find a job and work hard. You followed this advice with the best intentions and it worked! Promotions and pay rise here I come!

But then everything collapsed.

Work became a burden, stress levels skyrocketed and relationships began deteriorating. Your dreams slipped further and further away with absolutely no end in sight. How could this be? You’ve followed conventional life “wisdom” and now you’re unhappier than ever. Surely there’s something better?

Looking around, you see people that have escaped the rat race and are living the dream. How did they do it? What steps did they take?

All this uncertainty is holding you back as you fail to take any action. The determination and drive are there, but the plan of attack is missing.

I believe that anyone can build a thriving online business with proper guidance and grit — regardless of their situation. 


What if you had all the steps laid out to build a business that aligns with your lifestyle and values?

What would you do with your family if you weren’t time-poor and had more financial freedom?

How would you feel every day if you did something you love and made a living from it?

I’m here to help you create the life you deserve.

I’m Alex.

I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurial people achieve their life and business goals. Not long ago, I was stuck in the corporate rat race and slaving in a soul-crushing job, feeling utterly helpless. No matter how hard I worked, things never got better.

As I searched deeply for the answers, I realised that  my lifestyle and values didn’t align — a mistake that haunted me for 20 years. If you’re a freedom-lover like me, and want to live on your terms, then the daily 9-5 grind will crush you like a sledgehammer.

I started my online business from scratch without any technical skills or experience in digital marketing. After much trial and error, it allowed me to reclaim my life and experience the freedom I always craved — and I haven’t looked back since!

Now, I’d like to share my blueprints with you so that you can go after your dreams with total confidence. I strongly believe that the world would be better with happy people living fulfilling lives, so it’s my mission to make this a reality.



Affiliate Marketing:

Create value-added content and advertise a product or service you love. It can be anything from e-bikes to VPNs and high-ticket educational courses.


Discover a product you love, brand it your way and sell it on websites like Amazon.com without ever having to hold inventory or deal with shipping.

Online business from scratch:

Find a product or service you’re passionate about and build your own business around it. Scale it to achieve passive income and make the world your oyster.

How Can You Start?

The best way to start something new is to surround yourself with people who have already achieved the results that you are after. I started by joining the community of online entrepreneurs called Modern Wealthy.

Modern Wealthy provides you with step-by-step training and marketing education based on world-class products and tools that help you to develop the skills you need to create your dream online business. Everything is designed to support you on your journey: a community of like-minded people, clear action steps and great mentors.

Check out the video below to see how it feels to go for your dream.

  • Discover the suitable online business model for you
  • Uncover an opportunity with 300 billion dollars
  • Learn how to set up an online marketing system that generates income 365 days, 24/7
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