A dream that turned out to be a 14-year-long mistake.

It happened in 2007 during an interview for a sales role in the world’s number-one courier company.

It was the end of the final interview and the Sales Director asked if I have any questions. I said, yes, I have one – Why do you work for this company?

His answer was: “Because I love to travel the world and this company has allowed me to live and work in so many countries like never before”.

Once for a sudden, something resonated on a deep level with me and connected me with my dream – this job will allow me to travel the world.

Nothing else mattered. 

It has determined my career goals for the following decade.

Only a year or so ago, I remembered another conversation with my mum that happened over 30 years ago.

She asked me what do I want to be when I grow up. Somehow, I still remember it, maybe because it was that important to me even then.

I replied – I want to be rich so I can travel around the world.

It took me so many years to connect these dots.

My passion for travel and freedom which I was trying to find in the place where it doesn’t exist – in the corporate world.

When I finished the interview with the Sales Director, I knew what my plan should be.

The way has become crystal clear to me – I need to get to a senior management role in an international company and it will open a door for me to travel while I’m still making good money.

My childhood dream was calling to me, and that is why I felt so connected with this idea. Irrational feeling that determined my career path for the next 14 years.

But years later, no matter how high I climbed on a corporate ladder I still felt that I missing the very core of my dream – freedom.    

I even ended up moving to another country as I thought it would enable me to get the level of freedom I wanted.

Freedom to live where I want…

Freedom to do what I love…

Freedom to live life on my terms without asking anyone when I want to take a leave and for how long…

…and I could never understand why all people around me are so ok with the limitations of their freedom?

Work from 9 to 5.

Take a leave once or twice a year with random days off.

Ask permission if you want to leave earlier.

Ask permission to do something important for you and your family.

Feel up forms whenever you have to take a day or two off…

…and seek approval for almost everything.

And EVERYONE is OK with that!

When I was a kid, I was dreaming of travelling in Amazonia jungles, not doing this boring sh*t!  

But life is life, they say.

You must grow up, take responsibility and become a slave of a system of bills, mortgages and debts and exchange your lifetime and freedom for salary.

I always felt like I sold my life for salary not even to buy things, but to pay bills to have a roof over my head and food on my table.

For thousands of years, people didn’t know what a job means. They were hunters and gatherers. They were free, but they were struggling to survive…

Now we have everything to live in a comfort and have plenty of food, but… we are not free.

Here is a test for you if you think I’m wrong.

If you win a lottery, let’s say a few million bucks today, would you come to work tomorrow?

Or you would say “F*ck you Goodbye” to your boss and do something else?

If you’d say “goodbye” to your job, it means you don’t love what you are doing. If you stay at your job because you enjoy it, you a very lucky to be only 15% of those who are engaged at work according to a global poll conducted by Gallup      

My values since childhood were freedom and wealth, so it is no wonder why I was so struggling to accept the status quo in a corporate environment.

And it took me 14 years to understand why did I choose this path and what I was looking for there.

That’s why as soon as I saw a path to freedom in online business, I knew, this is what I was looking for all these years.

You may call me a dreamer living in a fantasy land.

Well… Yes, I am. I think I will never stop dreaming…

What about you? Have you already stopped?…

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