My Story

Hi, I’d like to share my story with you, so you understand that I’m no different to anyone, who has an unstoppable desire to chase their dreams.

But let me warn you, this not a story of success that aims to impress you. My story is more a story of… failures…

Yes, you are right! I’d like to share my biggest failures with you, so you understand where my burning desire to help others is coming from.

If you are here, you may have the same goal as me, and it’s to earn your income doing something that you love, that gives you financial freedom, fulfilment and meaning. Something that I simply call to live the best life you can.

So, let’s begin…

I turned 40 when I realise that my life sucks. I live in Auckland, New Zealand, have a full-time management job in Supply Chain & Logistics, working for one of the largest companies in New Zealand. I have a beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters and we are happy together as you can see in the photo above.

Wait a minute, you’d say… Where is a failure? Why did I say that my life sucks?

Well, I hated my job.

I started to build my career in management 20 years ago and since then I was only working for big international corporates. I've accomplished quite a lot of different projects and achieved a high level in a career hierarchy before I moved to New Zealand in 2015.

After I moved to New Zealand, I started my career again from scratch, as a freight sorted at the age of 37 (because it is what most of the immigrants do), and again, I climbed up on the career ladder to an Operations Manager role of one of the biggest business in the country in just three years (which is not what the most immigrants can do).

So, I know how to set goals and achieve them, right? But if you are a go-getter like me, you would understand my pain when I realised that I can not afford to buy a house (to be honest with you, only a few people can do it in Auckland because of the house price), can't live a lifestyle I always wanted to live, can't even travel enough as I wanted (well, after 2020 not only me has this problem...). The biggest frustration was that the financial freedom and fulfilment didn't come with my career achievements, neither.

If it sounds familiar, you would understand why did I feel this way after "achieving" such great results in my career. I simply realised that in a corporate world, when it comes to money you are just a line in an excel spreadsheet called budget and marked as a labour cost.

That means my income will always be limited and true wealth only comes with executive roles or with very specific and narrow skills. Which again, I must pay a high price for it - my lifetime snd freedom. As simple as that. No matter if I work hard, or even harder. My salary is growing by 2% a year if I'm lucky. And if I work long hours and I'm on a salary, it means that I get paid even less than if I would be paid hourly. That’s how it works.

But most importantly, there was no fulfilment in what I was doing! Only high pressure, stress, anxiety, long, long hours and quite often not even "thank you", for all my efforts.

Working for someone else's dream I was always compromising my values: freedom, health, family, in order to fulfil only one value that I thought would give me everything else - money and which didn't happen anyway.

Money didn't come to me despite all my hard work and efforts. More than that, I started to lose three others values. My relationship with my wife and my kids were getting less and less exciting as I always was tired, grampy and depressed because of the high level of stress at work.

My health was going down as a result of a bad diet, long working hours, insomnia, anxiety, physical and mental stress.

The last one - I had no freedom whatsoever, hence why I started to hate Mondays and weekends was never long enough.

You know what I mean. When someone asks you after coming back from holidays "How was it?", and you say "Great, but not long enough" and the other person replies "Yeh, I understand!", right?

So, I started to ask myself why?...

Why it seems to be normal to experience this dreadful feeling when going to work every Monday?

Why it seems to be ok to spend 50-60 hours a week doing a job that you don't like or even hate?

Why it seems to be ok to have an income that only allows me to pay my bills to survive from month to month, from salary to salary?

Why do I have to throw my life away making someone else' dreams come true?

The answers followed the questions as I started to dig deeper into my mindset and believes.

I’ve been taught that to succeed in this life I need to follow the model: finish school, go to University, start to work, do my best, work hard and I will get what I deserve – a house I like, travel around the world, freedom and meaningful life.

So I did. I followed this model assuming that the success as I see it will follow. I even changed a country thinking it will work better here.

Wrong, wrong, wrong!

If I knew, that following this model can only lead me into a rat race trap!

I realised that I become a slave of the system that controls me through my monthly bills! If I stop to work, I'm done!

I had no freedom to live a life as I wanted.

I had no leverage to scale up my income apart from trading my life and freedom for money.

I couldn't imagine myself doing the same job for another 20-30 years. Climbing further up on a career ladder was not for me.

I felt trapped. I couldn't continue to live like this and I couldn't quit.  What could I do?

In my corporate career, I had to compromise so many of my values that I started to hate my job.

I asked myself, what if I spend the same time and energy focused on my own goal? Would I live a better life now? Would I be a better version of myself? Would my results be better?


It was obvious that If I want to get different results, I had to do something differently. I started to look for solutions on how to start my own business and quickly realised that traditional business models will only take more of my lifetime and energy giving me in the best case scenario leverage to scale up my income with a very high risk of failure.

I almost ended up buying a franchise, but quickly realise that it would be like buying a full-time job.

That was not the solution I was looking for.

Being a manager, I coached many employees to help them to grow personally and professionally to achieve their goals.

The most enjoyable part of my job was to see these people growing and being able to overcome their weakness, realising, that they are capable of very much more than they thought about themselves.

I decided that I want to do my own business based on my passion for coaching and personal development.

My main criteria for the business were: freedom to run my business anywhere, where I have a laptop and Internet connection, do something that I love and what can help others, and the last but a very important one is leverage to grow my income without limitation.

Sounds too good to be true. Isn’t it?!

I also came to the same conclusions, so it took me a while to realise that this is possible. And the first step to this was to be open-minded enough to see opportunities.

I am a big believer, and this belief based o

n my own experience, that there are three things that I need to do to achieve my goals:
- Focus – almost a tunnel vision focus on my goal, not on my limitations;
- Mindset – be open-minded as I never know from where the opportunity will come from;
- Actions – I must take action towards my goal to achieve it.

That is exactly how I managed to move to New Zealand not having a big budget and barely speaking English a few years ago.
Sounds easy, but it is easier said than done.

I understand the lack of clarity, the sense of uncertainty and the fear of the unknown more than anyone else when it comes to making a life-changing decision to do whatever it takes to follow your dream.

I grow up in a family where “money does not grow on trees”, “University degree is only for those who can afford it”, and most important “we don’t have money…”.

All these wrong believes were part of my DNAs and only years of personal development and self-growth has helped me to realise how much these beliefs negatively impacted on my results.

My self-growth journey started when I was 20 years old and read a book by Carlos Castaneda “The Warrior’s Way”.

Since then, this quote has never left my mind and always pushed me forward to pursue my dreams:

"A path is only a path, and there is no affront, to oneself or others, in dropping it if that is what your heart tells you... Look at every path closely and deliberately. Try it as many times as you think necessary. Then ask yourself alone, one question... Does this path have a heart? If it does, the path is good; if it doesn't, it is of no use…" - Carlos Castaneda.

I become a self-growth expert, a coach that gives you tools and techniques, show you different strategies and models, coach you and help to find a world-class training material about building a business from scratch.

My answers to my limitations about an online business I found joining Six Figures Mentors (SFM) and Launch You the education company that taught me how to start my coaching business online without having to invest a big capital, showed me that my limited believes about "complex technology issues" was not true at all.

I've learned how to build my own website, run ads online, got digital marketing skills and many other things that I could do still having a full-time job to pay my bills.

I realised that I do not need to have a great idea, a huge capital or to be a technology expert to start my own online business and build it around my passion from scratch. More than that, it is not a problem if I don’t even know what my passion is! It can be found as I go.

This world-class online education and training company gave me three business models to choose from: eCommerce, Affiliate Marketing, and Digital Products. But most importantly they provide me access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who supported me along my journey.

I've made my choice to live my best life building the business that I am passionate about and encourage you to make yours.

At the end of the day, it is your own choice to make, whether you want to live your best life or you are ok to keep making someone else’s dreams come true.

Whatever choice you make, it's yours.

I would only encourage you to ask yourself one question.

Does this path, that you decide to follow, have a heart?