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Did you know that Monday is a day when people are most likely to have a heart attack?

I’ve heard a conversation like this so many times:

  • Hi, how was your weekend?
  • Oh, mate, it was great but not long enough.
  • Yah, I know what you mean… 

Not long ago, I was thinking that there is something wrong with me.

You know, having this dreadful feeling on Monday mornings, waking up already tired and willing to do only one thing – go back to bed.

Then, struggling through to Thursday and here we go!

It’s Friday again, then Saturday, Sunday (What!?)

…Close to Sunday afternoon getting grumpy because tomorrow is…

Bloody Monday!

Does it sound familiar?

Insomnia, anxiety, stress… Stress causes the release of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol which can trigger a heart attack.

No wonder why the risk of having a heart attack is higher on Mondays.

In my previous post, I’ve mentioned that I was always hoping that the next weekend will bring me not only a time to relax but also something new. Something that will change my life.  

Until I realised – no, it’s not! It will be the same wasted weekend where I would be busy doing some “important small things”, then stuck watching YouTube/Facebook, maybe spending some time with family. The best-case scenario – we would travel or go somewhere all together, the worse thing if we all together would waste our time watching gadgets.

Absolute wasting of lifetime and opportunities.

All these thoughts about “something will happen” is BS!




Not today, not on weekend, not “after Christmas”.


Taking action towards your dream can be as easy as watching free training about how to launch income streams from scratch, learning about affiliate marketing and how to promote products and services that you like online making a living of it.

Or, it can be even easier do not take action steps and…

…It’s Monday again!…

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