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Do you live a life of quiet desperation?

One of the most powerful insights in my life was when I could articulate a reason for unhappiness; the best way to describe it was represented in this Joe Rogan interview where he has given such a brilliant explanation of why so many people are not happy.

They live a life of quiet desperation.

This insight has changed my life. I have got a weapon to fight this unhappiness, I’ve got a tool to find the way out of the life of quiet desperation. This was a simple awareness of what was going on. I was living a life that was far away from what I was dreaming of. The results that I was aiming to achieve in my life were far away from where I wanted them to be. But I didn’t know why!

I worked really hard to get where I was, but the results were not there! That is how most people get to the life of quiet desperation. In fact, I’ve just talked to my old friend to prove this theory. He was not even close to understanding that a model of success that society has offered him to follow was far away from his own definition of success. Go to school, get a degree, find a job, work hard and you will get what you want.

That model creates generations of unhappy people who, after their 40s, live in quiet desperation without knowing why. The good news is that there is a way out. For everyone, it’s a personal choice how. But “how” can only be answered when you know “why”. I found my way out when I understood that the missing pieces of success for me were time, financial and geographical freedom-things that I wanted to find in a corporate world. I was trying to build my career to achieve these values. In fact, each promotion came with a little extra money but more responsibilities which took out more than was given in return.

What I was doing was counterproductive! Now I know that I can find time, financial and geographical freedom only in my own business that I’m passionate about. It takes time and energy to build it; it requires learning skills. But the feeling of seeing a way out of the life of quiet desperation is amazing.

The first step that I did was watching free online training series that gave me clarity about business models that exist online. After that, nothing could stop me. I knew what I was missing and I was clear about what needed to be done and it was just a matter of time. Right now, I’m actually testing what I’m talking about and if you want to find out more, you can check it out here:

I am very close to launching my first automated online marketing system, which I will keep you posted about.

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