Fail is the Best Friend of Experience. 

Don’t blame yourself when your life is not going the way you want.

How would you know what is right, and what is wrong? 

How do you know what decision to make? Where it will lead you to? 

You had a plan, you made a call, and you thought it’d give you the result that you wanted, but…  

Doesn’t matter if everything went the “wrong” way. 

What matters is that you’ve tried. 

You gave it to go. 

Now you know for sure what works and what doesn’t.

That’s called experience.

That is why failures are so powerful! 

They are the best friends of The Experience!  

Failures are made from experience and experience is the most valuable asset that you can have in your life.

You can’t lose the experience. 

You can’t unlearn what you know. 

You’ve got it, you’ve done it, you’ve lived it. 

Starting something new is always hard. There is uncertainty ahead.

Uncertainty is followed by fear, lack of clarity, fear of the unknown, and fear of failure. 

But if failure is only going to give you an experience that is one of the most valuable assets you can get in life, why be afraid of it?

The only reason is what other people would say or think about it. 

And this is very funny! First of all because most of the time people wouldn’t think about you anything even close that you have imagined, and second – even if they are, why would you worry about it? 

When I started my blog the first feeling I had was a fear of being judged by others. 

Am I good enough to share my thoughts? 

Am I going to get trolls and negative comments?

Are people going to think that my blog sucks? 

Well, maybe. Maybe not. 

How do I know until I try? 

And I’m trying. 

Trying to share my experience, my thoughts, my ideas, and what I believe in. 

So far, nothing has happened. I’m still alive, I’m still doing what I’m doing, and everything is going ok. 

This is the first step. A small step out of my comfort zone. 

A small step towards my dream, my vision – to have a lifestyle that I always was dreaming of.

Freedom to have enough time to live, not to work most of the time to survive from paycheck to paycheck. 

Freedom to travel and live where I want to, without waiting for another annual leave to pretend that I’m free for 1-2 weeks. 

Freedom to do what I love, not what my boss wants me to do. 

My mission is to inspire people to follow their dreams.

My vision is to live my best life. 

I want to live every single day with no regret that I wasted this opportunity to be able to experience Life! 

If failure comes along with the success, I welcome it! 

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