If you love Fridays and hate Mondays, there is something broken in your life.  

You may not accept it, it’s ok, most people don’t, but…

With all honesty, if you truly love your job, why would you be looking forward to Fridays, weekends or days off?

These should be the worse days ever for you if you have your dream job. 

A job that inspires, motivates and energises you.

Gives you a big purpose.

Drives your energy.

Rewards you.

Brings you joy and fulfilment.

Puts springs under your feet when you wake up in the morning with a feeling: “Yeh! Thank God it’s MONDAY again!!!”.

A job that you would never give up even if you win the lottery tomorrow. 

A job that is perfectly balanced and gives you an opportunity not only to do what you love but also leave enough time to spend with people who you love.

If you don’t have that kind of job, then you are compromising your freedom. 

That is why Friday is such a big day for you. 

This is a day when you set yourself free and live the life you want, enjoy yourself and spend time with your family…

For 24-48 hours…

And then, welcome back to corporate slavery! 

The door is always opened for you because we value our people, we create the best work environment for you and give you the most addictive drug ever – salary, fake sense of stability and a comfort zone. 

Just sign an employment agreement and you’ll be safe… for the rest of your life.

We even give you sick leave and 22 days of annual leave if you give us notice in advance. 

Spend your life building our dream and we will reward you with a $100 voucher and a nice certificate after 10/20/30 years of long service – something that you should be very proud about!    

We spend most of our lives at work.

We spend more time with our colleagues than with our kids. 

Those who are ambitious and building their careers working 50–70-hour weeks, taking work at home, spend their entire life at work. 

I’ve been living in this world for the last 20 years.   

Most of the people I observed are not happy there. They pretend they are, but this is not true.  

They don’t like Mondays, celebrate Fridays and weekends and compromise their freedom by trading their life for money.

But because it is not popular to criticise the way the majority live, they convinced themselves that they are ok with that.

They are ok with living a mediocre life.

They ok with begging their boss to take a few days in peak time to take care of their kids when it is a school holiday. 


Because everyone does!

Because “there is no other way!”, “Because life is not that simple and people have responsibilities”, but the main reason is – people do not believe that there is another way.

People do not believe that they can live their best life! Only kids do.

If I say you right now that there is a way to live your best life, you won’t believe it! 

…Or you won’t believe that YOU CAN?  

And to be honest with you, I don’t know if you do.

I don’t even know if I do…

What I know is:

– I’ve seen people who hate Fridays and weekends and love Mondays – they are entrepreneurs and business owners. 

– They love what they do and whenever they have to stop doing what they love, they feel like they are wasting their life.

– They don’t ask anyone if they can spend time with their family, they just do it, because THEY CAN!

– I experienced this feeling when I was doing my craft beer project that I told you about in my previous blog posts.

– I experience it when I write my blog or do different things for my online business, coaching my clients. Even do it outside of my full-time job, on weekends, waking up early in the mornings to shoot a video, and taking phone calls from my coaching clients.

The only reason why I do it is that I believe in what I do. 

It gives me a bigger purpose; it inspires me to see people going for their dreams. 


It may not work out, I may fail, and it can be another chapter in my life when I would have to admit – I couldn’t make it. 

But I know one thing.

Right now, I do what I love!

…and the only reason I’m looking forward to Fridays is that I can get more things done to accelerate my business: set up funnels, google analytics, test it, shoot a video for an ad, write a script/blog, find another affiliate product to sell helping people to follow their dreams…

How about you? 

What do you do on the weekend that excites you so much? 

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