Got Stuck? Try These 3 Tips To Recognise Your ROADBLOCKS and Streamline Your Self-Growth Journey!   

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Today I’d like to share with you some roadblocks that will stay on the way to your success when you try to improve your life.

#1 is Your Environment.

You can’t do Epic Shit with Basic People.

You are an average of 5 people you surround yourself with.

Have a look at your closest friends or family members you spend most of your time with.

What are their beliefs about life, success, business (if you want to start a business), health, family, partnership, relationship etc.?

What do they think, talk and feed your mind with when they are around?

What is their level of success in the area you would like to succeed in?

If you want more money in your life, what are their believes about money?

Do they think it is easy to make money or hard? Do they make a lot of money or do they live from paycheck to paycheck?

What do they say when they are talking about money? Is it something like “Money doesn’t grow on trees” or it is “I don’t have enough money; I can’t afford it…”?

Are they blaming and complaining all the time, or do they express gratitude for what they have in their life?

Do you feel inspired when you are interacting with them?

Now, have a look precisely at yourself and ask yourself the same questions. You may be surprised, but your thought and self-talk processes will be very similar.

You pick up most of your habits, thoughts, ideas and behaviour from the environment and people around you. Therefore, you have similar results in your life.

If you want to start a business, but most of the people around you are not businessmen, you will end up crashing against this environmental roadblock of limiting believes that will hold you back. And very often these believe will be far away from reality.

How to change it?

It’s a million-dollar question!


Because you can get a million-dollar richer if you can solve this problem.

Well, the only way to change it is to… get rid of people who are helping you to limit yourself and surround yourself with those, who support and help you to grow.

I know it sounds tough, but there is no other way than to limit the time you spend with those who don’t make your thought process, behaviour, habits, believes better every day.

#2 Your Autopilot Thoughts and Self-talk Process.

What you Habitually think Largerly determines what you will Utimetly Become. – Bruce Lee.

Once you changed your environment and seriously want to improve your life, you need to bring self-awareness into your thought process.

Replace all your self-limiting believes with new ones that will serve to improve your life and help you to succeed.

If your money belief was “It is hard to make money, money only comes with hard work”, change it to “Making money is easy and it’s a lot of fun”.

Because it is true! You’ve just chosen to believe in a different truth and your brain gives you more and more evidence about what you chose to believe.

What you need to do now is whenever you catch yourself thinking the “old way” replace your thoughts with a new manifestation.

Do it not only in your mind but stop yourself whenever you want to say something that does not serve your purpose.

It’s better do not to say it at all than say something which is limiting you.

#3 Your habits.

Healthy habits are learned in the same way as unhealthy ones – through practice. – Wayne Dyer.

We all have habits, but unfortunately, not all of them serve our goals and help us to achieve better results.

Most importantly, it is very hard to change your habits.

That is why I suggest do not fight with your old bad habits, like smoking, drinking, eating junk etc., but slowly, with no force, replace them with the good ones.

How to do it?

Don’t change the old bad habits, but create a new good one!

Start doing something that you know is going to help you and make your life better. Something, that you can do easily.

For example, drink few glasses of water every 1-2 hours; do breathing exercises every day; meditate for 5 minutes…

Don’t go straight to the gym if you haven’t worked out for few years. You will give up soon because of your old habits and will blame yourself for failure.

But if you start just walking every day for half an hour and doing breathing exercises after that, you will notice soon, that you feel yourself better and once for sudden, your body would like to have more of this great feeling and naturally will pull you to the gym after a month or so.

The same thing with diets. Don’t restrict yourself starting “from Monday”.

It’s not going to work. Well, not for a long time at least.

Start slowly by being mindful about what you eat, bring more awareness into this process notice many shadows of the taste of the food you consume and do it being fully present in the process instead of watching TikTok while you eat. Put your phone/book/TV aside and just enjoy your meal noticing how your body reacts to the food you eat.

In few weeks after this process, you will see that your taste habits changed.

You will start to eat healthier just because it tastes better! And your body reaction to junk food will be the opposite, you would like it less and less.

How to Create New Good Habits by Adding Them To Your Existing One?     

Our habits dictate most of what we do and how we do it. They also determine our results.

You must have good habits if you want to improve the quality of your life.

How to create new habits?

Simply by adding them to your existing habits or routine.

For instance, you have a morning routine to take a shower and brush your teeth, I hope.

It is very easy to create a very powerful ritual of gratitude while you’re following this morning routine by simply during this process thinking about all the great things that you have in your life.

Start with thinking/feeling gratitude for a pleasant sensation in your body under a hot shower stream, notice like your body reacts on it, then focus your thoughts on feeling gratitude for your family, kids, health, house and slowly move to every single aspect of your life you can be grateful for.

This will give your mind the same cleaning shower as you give to your body.

But also, because you have this morning routine anyway, you can build a new healthy habit into it with less reluctance.

If you do your breathing exercises for few minutes after a shower you can then meditate for few minutes to set your mind for a day.

Once you create a habit of doing it every day, you will notice a huge difference in your self-talk and thought process.

This will improve your life without no using force upon yourself.

It is easy to follow and you will notice a significant change in your life in a very short period of time.

The last and very important rule is to be consistent.

It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently… – Tony Robbins.

Consistency is always paid off. No matter what you do.  

You will get a major health problem if you jeopardise your health consistently by having a poor diet, lack of exercise, developing bad habits. No doubt about it, right?

You will improve your life significantly and easy by bringing a self-awareness process in what you think and do, strengthening yourself by creating good habits and the right environment that supports and enables you to strive consistently to become a better version of yourself.

Small steps…

Every day…

Towards your dream…

Will make it come true!

Start today and you’ll be surprised how far away you can get from where you are now in a month!  




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