If you are not following your own dream, you are following someone else's...

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I'm Alex and I'm passionate about inspiring people to follow their dreams.

My work is devoted to helping like-minded people to get time, financial and geographical freedom.

When I turned 40 years old, I realised that I am not happy with the results that I get in my life.
It seemed to me that no matter how hard I work,  I'm missing something.

I started to search for answers and quickly realised that my life strategy was wrong!
Go to university, find a job, grow your career, work hard and you will get what you want, they said...

This was a 20 years long mistake!

I understood that the status quo will never allow me to get what I want in my life - financial, time and geographical freedom.
For those who value freedom, the corporate rat race will never be the right place.

I started my own online business with no technical skills, no previous experience in digital marketing, no understanding of what to do and how to do business online.

And yet, you are on my website, reading about my biggest failures and success which means I launched my online business and would like to offer you a guide to the world of digital entrepreneurs.

It is my pleasure and great honour to show you how to get out of the corporate rat race and create a life you dream about, as I believe that happy people make the world a better place to live!


I inspire people to follow their dreams!


If you value time, financial and geographical freedom,

If you think you can achieve more by doing what you love,

If you want to live your best life,


You are at the right place!


“I do not know how" or "don’t have enough skills" to start my business can not be an excuse anymore.
Just take a moment to think about this.
We live in a Digital Era and it's never been a time in human history when finding information was so easy!
Everything is online now and so many things are for free!
"Google it" - this colocation hasn't even existed a few decades ago, and yet, this is what we do every day when we need to find information, location or education.
Everything that I was "missing" could be found on my smartphone, Since I realised it, I've got only one main concern - "Have I missed the bus? Are the opportunities to start an online business still there or I am late for a party?".


Don't worry, the Online Business is still a Babby, but it is waking up now, so don't miss your chance as it will only be growing!

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right" - Henry Ford.


I hope you also understand, that the best time to live your best life is now.

I met my 40th Birthday in the Vipassana meditation centre in New Zealand, where I was desperately looking for a solution for the depression, high stress and anxiety that I experienced in that period of my life.

At this age, I suddenly realised that my best life, which I always dreamed about, is not going to happen if I continue to do what I did - a management career in the corporate world.

I took 2 weeks off my job and went to the meditation centre with no connection with the outer world whatsoever.
It gave me a chance to slow down and reflect on my journey to understand what was wrong with my life strategy.


It took me another 2 years to get crystal clear about my values, vision and mission and create a foundation of my best life.

One of the most impactful changes that happened in this period of my life was when I invested in my personal development and education company where I've met a community of digital entrepreneurs and learned skills on how to start my online business.

It was a time when I clearly understood, that if I continue to grow my "successful" career, work 12-14 hrs a day, be stressed, unfulfilled, do the job that I hate, the job which kills my soul and, as a result of it, my body, if I do so, I would only dive deeper and deeper into the glass of whiskey on weekends trying to find an immediate taste of happiness there.

I've decided to face the truth and take actions to change my life.
I said to myself: "If I want to get different results in my life, I must do something different".

And my journey into a meaningful life, based on my values has begun.

I started my coaching and affiliate marketing business to help people who are fighting the same battle, trying to get financial and time freedom where it's never existed - in a corporate world.

My purpose becomes to show people how to get out of the rat race using a digital world of endless opportunities where you can generate income online by giving your customers the values that they need.


Learn More About Online Business Models

You value time, money and geographical freedom

You want to take control of your own destiny

You want to start your own business


Affiliate Marketing

Generate income online advertising products or services that you like or passionate about. Create content or ad that gives value to your target audience and gives it a link to access product/services that you would like to promote. It can be anything from e-bikes to high ticket educational courses that you believe can serve people



Design, create your own brand and product that you love and sell it on platforms like Amazon.com without needing even to ship, store or deliver it to your customers.


Online business from scratch

Create your own digital product or service and learn how to scale it up to generate income online becoming a coach, consultant, or an expert in area that you passionate about.