Part #4. How I found my passion and started my own business. Why people don’t like their jobs…


 Step #4.

I have never felt in love with any of my jobs.

I remember one of my first jobs when I was sitting in the office in front of the computer and looking at the window. There were people outside, rushing somewhere, doing something…

And remember this thought in my mind – I’m sitting here and wasting my life.

It was the same feeling as in my childhood when I was looking at an aeroplane in the sky and thinking that there were some people flying somewhere towards something unknown.

I had many different jobs.

Some of them I liked, and some of them I hated.

Almost always I was engaged with what I was doing as I wanted to achieve goals that were set for me.

I believed that this will give me a ticket to the next level.

And next one, and next one…

Until I realised that all I wanted was to get on this plane and fly away from here towards a life full of adventures.

I was thinking that the next level of my career will reward me with what I was after – freedom, but no.

It was just another role, another company, another country…

Same sh*t, different uniform.

That is why when I stumbled across an education company that offered me a path to an online business, I took an opportunity straight away.

As it was an opportunity to try something different to get what I wanted – freedom.

I was already fed up with an old “success model” that was giving me the same results over and over again.

If you want to change the outcome of your actions, change the actions!

Obvious things, but not many people understand this breaking their heads against the brick wall trying to find lifestyle freedom by doing a 9 to 5 full-time job.

9 to 5 job is the most addictive drug that most people use to trade their dream for fake “stability”.

It is a safe path. Income is guaranteed at the end of the week, months…

But… safety and stability it’s just an illusion. Look at our world of lockdown…

Nothing is guaranteed…

That’s why 85% of people are hating their jobs according to Gallup   

Hate is a pretty strong word. Isn’t it?

It’s quite dramatic to describe it as “hate”. Something that you do most of your lifetime.

There is one main reason why people do not love their jobs.

They don’t have a good enough answer to the question “Why?”.

Why do you do your job?

This was a reason why I always was unhappy working for someone else, corporates, bosses no matter what my job was.

In fact, I’ve got lucky to have pretty cool jobs that enabled me to meet a lot of interesting people, and be in some cool places and even different countries.

One thing was missing – a meaning that would satisfy the answer to the question “Why do I do it?”.

Most of the time the answer would come to that: “…to pay my bills”.

Why do I need to listen to this boss, obey these rules, compromise my values, and pretend that I agree with…? Why wouldn’t I just quit this job and do something else?

Because I have to pay my bills.

Not a good motivation.  

Most people trade their life for money to buy stuff they don’t need to impress people who they don’t even know.

It’s not my quote, it is someone’s from the “Simple Living” movement, and even though I’m not a big fan of it, I feel that it is so true.

My motivation changed when I understood that I want to live my life exactly like I was seeing it when I was a kid.

I want to live every day as I have the most pressured gift ever – a Gift of Life!

Feel it, live it, experience it…

Not spend days, weeks, months and years in the office with people I have not that much in common if to be entirely honest.

It doesn’t deny the fact that I’ve met some very good people during my career.

I also was blessed to work alongside great managers who taught me a lot of skills.

However, at the end of the day, if I ask myself a question about why am I doing this job and the answer is “To pay my bills”, this is not what I should do.

Even if the answer is “to achieve a certain level of career to be able not only to pay my bills but also travel once a year, buy this car, buy this house…”, it would be the same thing.

For me, the ultimate answer to this question should be only – TO LIVE MY BEST LIFE!

I only can be happy if I know that I live my best life every day.

Or at least, I do everything that I can to live my best life.

What is “the best life” means?

Well, it is a very good exercise that I would recommend everyone to do:

  1. Go somewhere where you won’t be disturbed, where you feel safe and surrounded by nature.
  2. Take a notebook and a pen with you.
  3. Close your eyes and imagine ONE DAY of your best life.
  4. In full details:

– Where do you wake up;

– Who is with you;

– What are the decorations of this place;

– How it feels, smells, and looks;   

– What do you do first thing after you opened your eyes;   

– What next;

– What do you have for breakfast;

– How does it taste;

– What do you do next, with whom;

– Who are those people you want to see around you, spend your day with;

– What do you want to do;

– What do you feel;

– How do you finish your day;

– With whom;

– Where;

– How your relationship looks like;

– Will you help your family if you can do everything, how;

– What is your job. Or you don’t have a job;

– What do you do then;

– Do you have your own business;

– What type of business;

– What value does this business brings people?

Imagine an average day of your best life as you have no limitations!

No health limitations – what is your body shape in your best life, how does your body feel?

No financial limitations – your house, your place, your car, your… How does it look in your best life?

No other type of limitations, just allows yourself to live this perfect day in your imagination.

Let yourself feel like your mindset changes.

Do you feel gratitude?

Do you feel joy, inspiration, and energy?

Let you feel a maximum of all of it.

Write it down in your notebook. Read it. Feel it again.

This is what motivates me to wake up every day and do my online business.

Not everything goes smoothly. I do mistakes and I fail. It is hard to learn new things and go for something that is uncertain.

I feel low myself from time to time.

But I know why.

Because I want to live my best life.

Because I know what my best life looks like.

Next time I will explain what is required to start a business online.

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