Part #5. How I found my passion and started my own business.

What does it take to start a business online… 


Step #5.

Last time I promised to talk about what it takes to start an online business.

Well, it’s a very broad topic, but for now, I will cover the basic, but the most important stuff.

Let’s go one by one!

  1. Have the right mindset.

What does it actually mean?

Everyone wants to be free, reach and do what they like.

However, not everyone is ready to pay a price. And everything has a price.

There is no such thing as “passive income”. You can get a system set up and running. The system may bring you an income stream. But you need to get the job done to make it happen, so it is not entirely passive.

The right mindset is a mindset of an entrepreneur:

  • Be open-minded enough to recognise an opportunity;
  • Adjust and change if something is not working as you planned;
  • Learn, change and do it again – you are not an employee just to show up and expect to be paid for it.

Right now, online business is booming. It is a result of covid, lockdowns and the expansion of internet and mobile connection technology all around the globe.

You got to be not only blind but also very narrow thinking if you do not see that simple fact.

I’ve spent three days setting up google analytics, google tag manager and conversion links in order to start my first advertising campaign and yet, I’m not 100% confident that I’ve done it right.

Thank God, I have a community of people who can provide me with support and point me in the right direction. I also have access to tons of training materials available under my subscription, so I know, I will get it done, sooner or later, depending on my work ethic.

Why am I telling you this? Not pitch you to make a sale!

I’m telling you about this for one reason – it is still not as easy to get everything set up and running in an online space, otherwise, everyone would be doing this.

But, in the next five years, there will be services developed that will do everything for you with a few clicks.

Just like building a website is so easy now, as there are tons of services where you can get it done in a few clicks by dragging and dropping templates that have already been created for you!

However, when it becomes a reality, everyone will be making money online and therefore, it will become a very competitive space.

It is competitive now, but not as close as it will be in the next 5-10 years.

So, if you’ve already missed a lot of opportunities in the past, here we go, you are missing another one, very huge, right now.

The right mindset is openness to something new, understanding your limiting beliefs that hold you back, willingness to take risks and put some work into a process and learning new skills.

  1. Take actions.

You cannot meditate on your way to success!

Meditation, visualisation, affirmations, and manifestations are great tools that will help your mindset to focus on your dream which will sooner or later transform it into a goal and after that into a new reality.

That’s my experience of the Law of Attraction – extreme focus on what you want to achieve + taking action = new reality of your life.

One of the main things that were holding me back from starting an online business was:

I don’t know how to do it. I’m not an IT guy. If I would have IT skills it would be easy, but…

Until I recognised that this BS is just an excuse!

We live in a DIGITAL ERA!

It was never so easy to get access to knowledge, learn skills, and find a mentor or a coach!

Read a book, sign up for training, and watch free workshops at the end of the day!

In fact, I believe we are suffering from an overload of information every day.

Do one small step and it will lead you to another one. You don’t need to see a whole way crystal clear. But by starting to take action you will start to see more and more. The next step will reveal itself, one after another.

You do not have to be an IT Guru to set up a business online!

You do not have to learn how to programme your website!

You do not have to be a designer or struggle on your own in order to set up your first online project!

There are plenty of resources that can offer you step-by-step guidance and support.

But yes, you MUST put work into the process.

It takes time, money, energy and commitment. Like anything else.

It is not a “get reach quick” scheme. Well, there are plenty of those out there, so you need to do your research and chose the right one.

I did and I’m happy with the level of support and amount of information available for me under my subscription to get everything done.

  1. Never give up!

The statistics tell that more than 90% of new business start-ups fail in the first year.

I have observed myself in these four months since I started and I can tell you with all my confidence this is not because there is something wrong with business models, markets or lack of customers.

This is because it is so easy to give up when something goes wrong!

Incredibly easy to give up!   

It is way much harder to keep going and motivate yourself.

That is why you need an answer to the main question “WHY?” before you even start.

Why do I do it? What will happen once I’ve achieved what I want?

Who else will be benefited from it?

How it will affect the lives of those who I love?

And what actually will happen if I don’t do it, what happened to me and all of these people who are dear to my heart?

Knowing an answer to “Why” gives you the power to keep going.

But think about it from this perspective:

  • If you trust the process;
  • If you take action;
  • If you never give up;


Does it really matter if it happens in the next few months or in a year of time? If you know that it’s going to happen?

There is only one condition to this – never give up! Keep going! Change, adapt, learn, and do it again, but never give up!

…And then, success is inevitable…


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