Scepticism kills opportunities.

Did you know why scepticism is so dangerous?  

When it comes to ideas, we may be very sceptical “Nah, it’s not gonna work” not even trying!  

But how do we know if it is going to work or not if we never tried it? 

I was lucky to have great mentors in my life who gave me some valuable advice. One of them I’m going to share with you now.

I used to lead a very ambitious project for one of the leading courier companies in Russia.

One of the great mentors I’ve mentioned before was a man who created this project and hired me to implement it.

There was a task he wanted me to do, and I don’t even remember what it was, but I remember being reluctant to do so, as I didn’t believe it would work.

There was no reason why I was so reluctant to do it, just my perception that it will not work and that’s it. So, I told him that I don’t believe it would work.

I remember his reply was so deep, that I still use it in my life with no fail.

He said – Alex, you are talking with me from the perspective “I don’t believe it would work”, but I’m talking to you from the perspective “I know it will work”, and the reason I know it is because I’ve done it before, I have the experience, so stop wasting your and my time and just go and do it! 

As soon as I tried, it did work! He was right.

My scepticism was nothing but thoughts in my mind. The reality was the result that we wanted.

There are many reasons for our scepticism. Maybe we’ve made a decision before that turned up to be a mistake, so our subconscious mind decided to close the door to new ideas.

  • or we are experiencing burnout and a high level of stress at our busy job.  
  • or we just don’t want to do anything to increase a workload, so we make a choice to think that “it won’t work”.

Despite any reason, if we are not taking action steps towards our dreams, they are not going to come true. 

We can think, dream, visualize, and meditate, but without action steps, nothing going to change. 

And if we are overly sceptical about something, like an online business, for example, it’s not because this particular idea, solution, or business model doesn’t work, but because there is something inside stopping us from taking an action step to try it or explore.

Most of the time it’s a fear of failure. 

See, if you were thinking about online business, you know that there are plenty of people out there who do it and succeed, right?

If you don’t think so, go on YouTube and have a look at how many accounts there are with over 100K subscribers and videos with over 1M views. These are 6 figure businesses and most of them are doing what they love.

So, if you are still sceptical about whether online business models are good enough to explore, it means only one thing – you think that you are not good enough to make it.

One more time, it may be hard to accept. I’ll repeat.

If you want to start your own business, and you know that other people are making money online, and you like the idea to be financially free and run your business from any location in the world, but you still haven’t tried it – you likely think that YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH to make it happened.

…and the reason why you think so it’s because your scepticism kills the opportunities in front of you.   

Your scepticism makes you think that you need to be an IT Guru to get everything set up online…

… or that you don’t have this GREAT idea to get started…

… or that you don’t have so much time and energy to invest as you are working full time and the job that you hate drains the energy out of you every day…

…or that you need a product or a service to start it, and the list of the fake “reasons” can go on!  

Whatever “reason” stops you to go for your dream it is your choice because the reality is…


Nothing can be easier than making this first simple step towards your dream business.

And we always know what this step can be. We always know what should we do to live a better life!

Things like: going to the gym, stopping wasting your time on social media, learn a new skill.

…or register for FREE TRAINING to explore online business models and learn how they work!

It is that simple! 

That is why I’ve created Self Growth Experts so anyone interested in online business models can go there, click a button, register by letting me know their name and email and I send them a link with free access to training series that is designed to provide a tremendous amount of value for those who want to learn about online business models.

So, it is very simple to start learning new skills and exploring new business models.  

However, scepticism is holding you back.

And I don’t blame you.

I’ve been there before.

If I show you my notes from my dairy 2 years ago, you would see that the online business dream was long ago on my list to do and yet, I only started it now.


You are right! 

Because I was sceptical. Very Sceptical. Overly Sceptical! 

Instead of thinking about how to learn a new skill, I was thinking that I don’t have enough skills.

And… it cost me 2 years of my life. I can only imagine where I’d be if I started 2 years ago.

Here is a big difference when you start to develop a growth mindset and think, like: “Ok, I don’t know how, well, how I can learn?”. 

Instead of: “Oh, you know, laptop lifestyle is too good to be true, it’s not gonna work…” 

The only reason why it’s not gonna work for you is that you have no experience of doing this, and you are sceptical!

But now you know, I’m talking not from the “I think it’s not gonna work” point of view, but from “I’ve done it” so, I HAVE AN EXPERIENCE OF HOW IT WORKS!

So, yes, scepticism helps us to be safe and stay in our comfort zone, but often it holds us back and kills the opportunities in Infront of us.

Next time I will share a story with you about how I was misled by a viral dream for 14 years.   

Follow your dream and remember, scepticism kills opportunities!

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