Who are you not to be great?

Everything we need to become successful is within us.

Not in a book that we need to read to become successful, not in training that we need to do, not in a business that we need to set up, or a job that we want to get.

Success comes to those who believe they deserve it.
Once they believe they deserve it, they go for it. Once they go for it and don’t give up, they get it. Sooner or later. It’s a matter of time.

Those who think they are not good enough to have the success they want will never get it.


They will never do anything to get it.

If I could give my kids the only thing that I believe is the most important one, it would be high self-esteem.

People who have high self-esteem know what they deserve. They would never ever agree to live a mediocrace life.
They will try, fail, struggle, suffer, but they will keep going as they know they cannot be average.

A better life, a better job, better business, community, better country, better future for their kids, better everything, because why not?!

Why not be great if you feel that you can?!

At the end of the day, WHO ARE YOU not to be great?

If you feel that you deserve more, can more and are prepared to do more to get it, then you definitely should.

This void inside you tells you where your potential is.

Your potential is a difference between what you have (your results) and what you believe you should/can/deserve to have.

This difference will always call you to do something to feel this void.
And if you don’t, you would feel miserable right to the point when you decide
– Ok, you know what, it’s enough for me, I am miserable and want to be like this till the rest of my life.

That’s how most people give up on their dreams.

Not because it is hard to go for it, no.

But because they think, that it is ok not to be great, feel great, live great.

It is their choice and I don’t judge them.

But if you are like me, you know that you can and you will, please keep going, take action, do it.

One step at a time, one small thing a day, one better though, one better something.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Yes, it seems too far to go.
Don’t think about it, don’t feed your mind with thoughts that don’t help you to move forward.
Just do the first step and focus only on this one step.

For me today is to start learning YouTube advertising to set up my first campaign.

I’ve got my first video ad done. It is a bit long, but I love it. It has a spirit I wanted. My spirit.

It may require to be shortened, but I will start with what I’ve got and seen what happened next.

I will change it as I go if needed.

One step at a time…
Towards my dream…
Because who am I not to be great?

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